Caesar ceramics USA


Porcelain tiles in 20mm thickness for outdoor floors






Floors, cladding and trim tiles for spaces dedicated to wellness



The shapes of temporary floors



The perfect solution for external facades



A tactile guide on floors for the visually impaired



Surfaces for special destinations of use


Pavimenti Sopraelevati

Floors for indoor use in offices with under-floor gap



Tailor-made solutions

Caesar Tech Advanced technical solutions


CaesarTech is the Ceramiche Caesar department created for planners companies and private customers to assist them chose the best technical and aesthetic solutions of porcelain stoneware flooring and cladding.
Ceramiche Caesar, a company that has specialised in porcelain stoneware products for more than twenty years, is, thanks to the broad range of innovative solutions, the experience in avant-garde projects and the ability to offer a personalised, consulting service, is the ideal partner to give your projects added value. 

  • Outdoor Solutions 20mm


    Aextra20 by Ceramiche Caesar consists of single-piece porcelain stoneware slabs, perfectly squared and rectified with 20mm thickness and in 60x60cm size, with anti-slip surface finish. Thanks to the tremendous resistance of Caesar porcelain stoneware and the opportunity to choose from among four different installation systems, Aextra20 is the perfect solution for any outdoor flooring. The broad colour range and the complete set of trims allow to meet any planning need
  • Gradone in 20mm

    Dual Step

    Dual Step is a monolithic step in porcelain stoneware with 20mm thickness for the creation of stairs, steps and edges. It can be used for indoor and outdoor venues, in residential and commercial application, Dual Step is part of Aextra20 range, Caesar products for gardening and the outdoors.
  • Wellness areas


    The project makes it possible to use porcelain stoneware to floor and clad the surfaces of swimming-pools, spa, wellness areas and bathrooms with an extraordinary effect of visual continuity. With Aquæ Wellness Project, Ceramiche Caesar offers the opportunity to design a coordinated and complete project to give wellness areas harmony and naturalness
  • Temporary floors


    Self-fixing flooring systems are installed without the need for adhesives and grouts thus reducing times and costs. Suitable for temporary destinations where the existing floor must be preserved. Aexacta is the solution that allows you to renovate and restyle the floor without carrying out burdensome and expensive restoration works.
  • Outdoor surface


    The perfect solution for external facades. The Cover Wall System project by Ceramiche Caesar addresses planners and building firms offering the best solutions for external facades characterised by the utmost creative freedom and excellent technical and aesthetic performance guarnateed by the special features of Caesar Made in Italy porcelain stoneware.
  • A tactile guide on floors


    A tactile guide on floors for the visually impaired. Architectural barriers limit the access to some services of the visually impaired. This situation has forced governments to legislate for the full accessibility to public areas, such as pavements and sidewalks, squares, stations, shopping malls.
  • Industrial surfaces


    Ceramic tiles for special destinations of use. The range of the Industria line by Caesar stems from the desire to offer planners a variety of solutions, all technically faultless, designed to meet special planning needs for various destinations
  • Floors for indoor use in offices with under-floor gap

    Raised floors

    Floors for indoor use in offices with under-floor gap. Offices, banks, data processing centres need constant enhancement and updating of technological equipment: from electrical circuits, telephone and computer networks to heating and air-conditioning systems.
  • Custom Service


    Tailor-made solutions
    &The need for personalised elements to use on floors and walls in order to complete and give a personal touch to every single project, is growing. For this reason, to complete the product offer of standard size tiles, the CaesarTech Department recommends and produces personalised decors and graphics motifs