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At Caesar, the respect for people and the environment is a veritable work philosophy, a core value. For this reason, the company pursues a program safeguarding the environment that confirms Caesar as one of the leading realities in the production of eco-sustainable porcelain stoneware.

And it is no coincidence that Caesar was the first porcelain stoneware manufacturer in the world to obtain the ISO 14001 certification (1998), a testament to the belief that it possible to combine industrial development, quality improvement and environmental sustainability.

Moreover, Caesar porcelain stoneware can be used by planners following the guidelines of the Green Building Council and can contribute to the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) of buildings.

In light of this, Caesar made the decision to offer a wide range of porcelain stoneware tiles containing a considerable percentage of recycled material, in order to reduce the exploitation of virgin raw materials and reduce the production of waste.

These are just some of the many commitments that Ceramiche Caesar undertakes in order to benefit customers and final users:

  • 100% recycling of industrial water.
    Thanks to the investments done in production machinery and equipment, Caesar can purify and recycle the water used during the production process thus reducing the exploitation of this precious natural resource.
  • 100% eco-compatible products manufactured using natural raw materials,
    such as clay, quartz, feldspar, kaolin and natural dyes. The absence of harmful substances such as lead and cadmium, eliminates or reduces damage to the health of people working in the production departments or those who live in the spaces clad with our ceramic products.
  • 100% recycling of ceramic waste
    deriving from the pre-firing process. Porcelain stoneware tiles that do not comply with our quality standards are not fired but re-introduced into the production process. This reduces the consumption of raw materials.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.
    The materials used for the packaging of porcelain stoneware tiles and for the majority of our marketing tools are totally recyclable and made up of paper, paperboard, wood and plastic.
  • 100% recyclable fired tiles.
    Even fired waste tiles that cannot be re-introduced into the production process are recycled and used for the production of substrate of roads. Moreover, compared to other finishing materials with a high environmental impact that must be disposed in specific landfills, ceramic waste are inert therefore they do not represent an environmental hazard.
  • Use of FAO pallets
    for transport in accordance with the ISPM-15 FAO STANDARD. The use of this type of pallets reduces the contamination risk for countries importing our porcelain stoneware tiles.
  • Minimum release of polluting substances into the atmosphere.
    The investments made in avant-garde machinery abating the release of polluting substances and gases reduce the environmental impact of the production process.
  • Energy saving.
    The investments in innovative technologies result in the reduction of the energy need for the firing of tiles to a minimum. Moreover, thanks to an avant-garde co-generation plant, Caesar has been able to reduce the consumption of methane gas and energy in compliance with the highest standards of efficiency.





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